USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum

These pictures were taken at the USS Hornet CVS-12, which has been modified and now serves as a museum. You can find the USS Hornet Museum, 707 W Hornet Ave, Pier 3 Alameda CA 94501,

From Wikipedia:

Hornet was commissioned in November 1943, and after three months of training joined the U.S. forces in the Pacific War. She played a major part in the Pacific battles of World War II, and also took part in Operation Magic Carpet, returning troops back to the U.S. Following World War II, she served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and also played a part in the Apollo program, recovering astronauts as they returned from the Moon.

USS Hornet museum Alameda California
USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier

USS Hornet Navigation Bridge

USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier CVS 12

A4 Skyhawk trainer jet at the USS Hornet CVS 12
This A4 Skyhawk is a special version of the plane, which is normally a one-seater. This particular plane has been used on a training school like Top Gun, where the plane was painted for camouflage and there is a red star on the wings.

TA-4J Skyhawk at the USS Hornet CVS 12

F8 Crusader jet at the USS Hornet CVS 12

F14 Tomcat at the USS Hornet CVS 12

F14 Tomcat at the USS Hornet CVS 12

Primary Flight control deck USS Hornet CVS 12

F11 Nose section USS Hornet CVS 12

Apollo Space Program

Apollo Space Capsule USS Hornet CVS 12
There is a special exhibition on the USS Hornet about the Apollo Space program. You can see the Apollo capsule, the quarantine streamliner and more artifacts from NASA.

Hornet recovered the astronauts from the first moon landing mission, Apollo 11, on 24 July 1969. President Nixon was on board to welcome the returning astronauts back to Earth, where they lived in quarantine aboard Hornet prior to transfer to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory at Houston. The first steps on Earth of returning moonwalkers Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, with Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, are marked on her hangar deck, as part of her Apollo program exhibit.
Hornet once again served in the space program with the recovery of Apollo 12 on 24 November. Returning astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr., Alan L. Bean, and Richard F. Gordon, Jr., were picked up from their splashdown point near American Samoa.

Apollo Space Capsule USS Hornet CVS 12

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