San Francisco Skyline Sunset

Nice clear evening today, with a beautiful sunset behind the San Francisco Skyline.
San Francisco Skyline with the moon right after Sunset
Sunset Skyline of San Francisco

San Francisco Sunset with Skyline

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Beautiful day, the sky was clear with a beautiful sunset. I got a little late at Treasure Island, but was still to take a couple of shots of the Sunset behind the Skyline of San Francisco.

These pictures were made from Treasure Island.Pictures taken on Oct 29th 2011 from Treasure Island.

One thought on “San Francisco Skyline Sunset”

  1. I recently found an image that I assume is yours. I was interested in using for a client website, but then saw your website and what appears your copyright for the photos. This is where I found the photo:

    So, my question is, may I use this photo in a client web site. If that site does not have the right to offer the image for free, I suppose you should know about. Or maybe you do know.


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